Sacred Commerce

We stand for high-quality living and giving. For us, there is no commerce without sacred commerce. Part of our mission and vision is that we believe everything starts at conception. How a child is brought into this world and how a woman is supported in giving life. This is one of the greatest impacts we can have on humanity.We stand to always be able to support charities, non-profits and other people/organizations that are doing what they can for humanities upliftment, empowerment and evolution on every level. 

We are proud to announce our first non-profit that we are giving back to, AFYA, a foundation that is a medical supply recovery organization. The project that every sale we make will be supporting is for their Birth Kits. Their mission is to improve maternal and children’s health by providing midwives, community healthcare workers and physicians with the supplies they need to safely care for mothers and newborns. The majority of maternal and infant deaths occur because healthcare workers do not have a sufficient amount of basic medical supplies, including gauze, sanitary material to prevent infection and sutures. AFYA's birth kits include: sanitizer, plastic gloves and sheeting, razors, umbilical ties, diapers, baby blankets and hats, and rain gear for midwives who deliver babies in challenging environmental conditions. They collect the supplies for birth kits and volunteers sort and pack them at their warehouse. They have over 3,000 birth kits through their "Luggage for Life" program and in maternal health container shipments.


Thank you for being a part of this dream. Everything we do can be life giving.