I took a break out of my busy-ness and found Ganesha


My Indian sisters Nandita and Ranjita and I decided to go for a walk this evening to break up the mundane pattern that we have gotten used to. I have been working round the clock these days and they seem to be busy with their own chores. After all, they run a guest-house and there is always something for them to do. It was around 5:30 pm when we set off! I catch myself thinking that I need to get out more - I hardly even know my own neighborhood, it’s back-streets or what the other houses look like. I wonder about the people that are on the street and why? Likewise for the dogs too. It felt great to get out and be in the moment! 

Sunset is my favorite time of the day. Suddenly we walked by a flower I have never seen before. Noticing it growing on a stout shrub,  I bent to smell it - it kind exuded a confident scent that felt like eucalyptus or somewhat camphorous. The more I stared at it, the more I was struck by its gentle color and wondered how deep its own history must be in its veins.

I pointed to Ranjita “look how beautiful this is (please stop and smell the roses)”. She said yes, this flower is actually what we offer to Lord Ganesha. Really? I never knew that. It got me so intrigued and happy about having learned something new. So I picked one flower from it’s stem and continued walking thinking about Ganesha. I thought about my love for elephants and knowing he’s the remover of obstacles. I wondered about how I didn’t have Ganesha up on my shrine/spiritual direction according to Feng Shui/Vastu. I made a commitment to take time off and reflect more.

We continued our walk in the neighborhood and after a few blocks, Ranjita points at a Ganesha temple in easy accessible distance. How grace works when you are really in your heart and doing something so simple as going for a walk!

We approach the temple, take off our sneakers and socks and stand in front of Ganesha. Hands in prayer, the flower was there reminding me of grace... I prayed SO hard in that moment. With a huge happy heart. I felt that Ganesha called me to him to tell me something in a way. Otherwise, how could this happen? I vowed in that moment noticing the peace and serenity of the temple grounds/area that I would make it a point in every day to go to the temple and visit Ganesha, after all, I live so close to him. Realizing that a simple walk can make my heart so ecstatic. So for a moment, I took a break out of my busy-ness and found Ganesha.

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