Thai Yoga Bodywork


Thai Yoga originates from ancient Thailand and uses 3 elements in its scope. Foremost in this discipline is the therapeutic usage of “Thai Massage” for relieving pain and stress from our muscles and tissues. I use various parts of my body, such as thumbs, fingers, palms forearms, elbows, knees and feet to help alleviate you of your discomfort from a long day at the office, sports injury or simply just stress itself. “Yoga” is incorporated into Thai Yoga Bodywork to help hold you in yogic positions. I help you into different yoga positions that you stay passive in while enjoying a deep stretch! Being an ancient science, “physiotherapy” elements built into the sessions are designed to aid your recovery in a safe setting. 

When Thai Yoga techniques are used the joints open, muscles and connective tissue stretch, internal organs tone and vital energy is increased resulting in a deep state of relaxation, rejuvenation, and well-being. The comfortable and meditative rocking motion characteristic of Thai Yoga calms and soothes the nervous system. The unwinding of accumulated stress patterns in the mind-body complex opens up new possibilities for healing and integration. Limiting memories, pain, fears, negative attitudes, and inhibiting patterns are transformed and released, allowing the life energy to circulate more freely throughout the entire body.

Thai Yoga treatment sessions emphasize biochemical alignment principals and precise application of technique. It honors personal needs by meeting each client at their own personal level. Through a unique combination of healing modalities, the techniques when applied blend together in a magical way to produce a powerful experience of applied yoga therapeutics.

  • Therapeutic stretching
  • Alignment principals
  • Range-of-motion exercises
  • Joint mobilization
  • Assisted hatha yoga postures
  • Acupressure and reflex point therapy
  • Rhythmic palming techniques
  • Deep tissue compression
  • Toning of the internal organs

To sum it up, Thai Yoga Bodywork can be an exciting and transformational addition to your lifestyle of exercise, work, recovery, and relaxation. I currently offer a limited number of slots per month in the Bay Area. To schedule a session, please write to me at 


With love and light,

Valdet Demiri


My Thai Yoga Credentials:

Thai Yoga Bodywork levels 1 through 3 under Jonas Westring, New York