"I don't wear a lot of makeup, so it's important to me to have great skincare and beauty products. I have gradually tried out new organic and natural products, but Aroma Veda is unique and amazing in that it combines aromatherapy with great Ayurvedic products. Who doesn't want to smell good things, while also smelling good themselves? I use their facial cleanser, toner and serums and have had custom serums made to help me breathe/relax on a flight when I was congested with a head cold and more recently, to relieve the eczema on my face with the seasonal and environmental transitions. I know I am only getting the highest quality (and natural/organic) ingredients, made with such love and care by Naomi and Valdet. You can tell these products are made by women who care, because they are so passionate and dedicated to helping and healing others through their products."

-- Ami Pak, Projects Director, Music & Entertainment Events Digital, Viacom, Inc.

"I am so glad to have learned about Ayurveda through Valdet, a wonderful and especially gifted Ayurvedic practitioner. The work we did in our sessions together was life changing and continues to be integral in my daily life. I've learned to eat better, sleep better, and manage my daily stress through her personalized teachings and her beautiful products.If you're ready to heal and are looking for that life shift, I highly recommend a consultation with Valdet."

--Rania A

"First and foremost, Naomi is a wonderful human being.  Her Aromatherapy sessions are absolutely to die for and the Aroma Veda facial polish and Ananda Aroma mist is a must!

-- Clare Portillo, Artist

 "I tried Aroma Veda to clear up a long term pimple problem and (combined with a few Ayurvedic lifestyle changes recommended by Valdet) it worked like magic! My skin is better than it has been in months. I'm obsessed with the facial serum and the rose mist toner, and knowing that they don't contain any nasty chemicals puts my mind at rest. It's a real treat to use Aroma Veda and I love the daily ritual of using my products."  

--Esme Benjamin, Writer

"I love this skincare line! The cleanser is so great for my vatta/pitta skin. I feel on top of the world! How glowing can your skin be? 10 years younger? Yeah! Thank you, you are my angels."

--Melanie Huettner,Model/Actress/Yoga Teacher

"Aroma Veda men’s toner is a birthday for your face. I’m not trying to be funny. It cleans, tells your pores who’s the boss, feels great and has a wonderful scent that is masculine without having to strut around like a dude deodorant commercial...it does sing happy birthday because it does not have vocal chords.

I’m a pretty ordinary guy while likes to treat my face well. And this is a no BS product that you will appreciate every time you use it."

-- Domenic Maltempi