Frequently asked questions about Aroma Veda

Q. Does Aroma Veda use any synthetic harmful chemicals/ingredients in the formulation process?

A. Absolutely not. We are so proud to not use any harmful ingredients in our products at any stage of creation. It is our endeavor to be 100% true to authentic Ayurvedic principles, good manufacturing processes and health + well being. In addition, we insist on ensuring that all the ingredients are organic, wild harvested and responsibly sourced.

Q. What is Ayurveda?

A. Ayurveda is an ancient system of well being from India that is also Yoga’s sister science. Please refer to this blog article for more information on this wonderful healing and restorative system. 


Q. Are the products made in a factory, what is the formulation process?

A. All Aroma Veda products are hand-made, in small batches in southern California. Our formulation process starts with sourcing the best possible organic ingredients available in the States. This is followed by carefully combining them in a positivity-imbued work environment with mantras playing the background. The exact proportions are proprietary and the overall process of combining, resting etc are compliant with Ayurveda as well as “good production practices”. We also strongly believe in products being made 100% fresh the moment an order is placed. They get created only when you place your request. Our products are 100% preservative free and don't sit on a shelf growing rancid waiting to be purchased.

Q. What makes Aroma Veda an interesting brand?

A. The founder of Aroma Veda, Valdet Demiri, went to school in south India to learn classical, authentic Ayurveda. When she got back to the States, she spent many months carefully formulating and testing her products, resulting in them not just being Ayurvedic in their essence but also suiting our modern day lifestyles. 

Another interesting element is in the delicate usage of aromatherapy principles for catalyzing and encouraging healing through our olfactory senses. Aromatic herbs/essential oils are packed with healing powers that elevate our awareness, hasten recovery and leave us in a state of groundedness. 

Lastly, we have a very strong belief in our small batch, artisanal production principles. Every single Aroma Veda product you see on this website directly and effectively addresses our customers’ needs. There are no gimmicks or feel-good products here. :)

Q. How is the product going to work on people. e.g. is it fast to work or gentler than mainstream products?

A. Ayurveda is powerfully effective in it’s results while being gentle in the way our body and mind receives it. Many skincare products out there have chemicals that may promise and even provide big bang results quickly. Not Ayurveda. It’s system is built on a deep understanding of how the human body, mind and spirit works and therefore products and treatments revert us to our natural, most balanced state possible. This is achieved through hundreds of years of knowing how plant based products work and how best to use them in our day to day lives. Long term imbalances are just that, something that has taken a while to develop. With that understanding, correcting imbalances is not something that happens overnight. Ayurveda works very deeply yet gently, effectively and most importantly, for the rest of your life once it is embraced and put to use daily.

Aroma Veda’s products are designed to have amazing results especially for the long term. The products are inspired by key ingredients found in Ayurveda and the wisdom of understanding the power of essential oils and how they work synergistically to achieve the BEST results while being extremely safe and harmless for everyday use. 

Q. What is the benefit of using organic ingredients?

A. Most of Aroma Veda products are currently skin related while offering a body/mind influence. About our skin, we often overlook the fact that our skin is the largest organ in our body. It is not just the gateway to our appearance but also a channel for toxins to be released while being quick to absorb them too. The scientific evidence that GMO's, pesticides, herbicides and non organic food/personal care products are having negative impacts to our health is only increasing every day. Unfortunately, many of us overlook how we "feed" our skin. Organic ingredients in food and personal care products ensure there is nothing lost in the transmission of botanical treasures directly to YOU. 

Q. Why don't we have Organic USDA certification?

We are a small-batch artisanal company that is very proud of using only organic/wild harvested ingredients. We are cruelty free and wouldn't dream of testing on animals. We would love to get USDA organic certification some day! Given our small scale model, we are currently not going down that path as our products would become more expensive for you than we would like.