Our Mission Statement


An undying Practice of Beauty, Compassion and Appreciation of the functions of life that provide us Fulfillment and Joy. A commitment to the Truths, respecting Change and Observing the Drama we face in life. An Homage to my Indulgent and Enlightened Gurus and all that I have learnt from them with a promise to pay forward my learnings to the people of our beautiful, bounteous planet. Keeping alive our connection to the Glorious Traditional Practices of Ancient Cultures that knew how to co-exist and thrive in nature with all the manifestations of the Supreme. Living in the present and keeping the Heart and Mind Connection Strong while being Pliable, Affectionate and Relentless. 
And above all else, strengthen our Pursuit of the Supreme, the Ultimate Goal - we are all part of the same illusion, born whole and infinite - a Promise for us to find ourselves and Rejoice. 
Valdet Demiri