Sound Therapy

When our natural frequencies become “out of tune”, the body may become out of balance and we become ill. The same vibrations that can cause us to become unhealthy can also be used to restore the vibrations in our original constitution. Sound healing makes it possible for our vibratory patterns to return to their natural states. Sound not only heals physical, mental and emotional discomfort or trauma, but it also helps to progress on our spiritual journey as some sound leads us to higher levels of consciousness. Sound is the seed of matter. It has unlimited abilities to assist in healing and human transformation.

Sound for Vata - favor music that is slow, soft with sustained sounds. Classical music (especially Indian) generated by instruments like sitar, guitar, violin, mandolin, chimes, tabla, and light percussion. This is very grounding for Vata people/energy. Anything grounding.

Sounds for Pitta - slow, peaceful and loving music helps intense Pitta to slow down. The sound of water is excellent. Complex music is good. Sound with medium volume like a flute, clarinet, saxophone, harmonica violin, mandolin, and gentle drums are good for Pitta. Walking along a flowing stream or lapping lake is also wonderful. Anything cooling.

Sounds for Kapha- bright, lively but not very loud musical sounds generated by tabla, bongo, water drums, as well as other types of drums, bells, and chimes. Anything invigorating.

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    “It has been said that music was never invented or found, but is something that we all have inherently. As a result, it is not surprising that for ages, music has been employed to help heal a variety of illnesses.
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