The role of a guru in our lives

In eastern traditions, a guru occupies a very important space in society. The pecking order goes like this: Mata (Mother), Pita (Father), Guru, Daivam (God). The concept of a guru is not readily understood in the west. A guru is someone that guides us towards the light, the knowledge that we need to find ourselves, our purpose and god. There’s another saying from India that goes - God, Guru and the Self are one and the same. These are blindingly beautiful words. I hope to clarify these concepts in this blog using my own life experiences.

I have had many gurus in my journey. Ones that taught me Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, food, astrology, Feng Shui- you name it. Like so many of us, I am a spiritual hitchhiker and have found many treasures in the form of gurus along the way. My experiences in life have taught me to covet these precious gurus and how to protect what I have learned from them as I execute my life purpose : “to transmit my learnings and experiences to all beings on the planet”. 

There is also the concept of devotion and submission to the guru. When I don’t involve my ego in the process of learning from my guru, my senses are wide open to all that my guru has to teach me. It is not a transaction like say a math class in school. Gurus' knowledge and experience upon sensing openness in me do not know limitations, doesn’t feel the need to tailor it for me (the audience). There is great love from the guru to the student that knows no boundaries and engenders genuine, limitless adoration and protection for the student. 

Remember the saying, when the student is ready, the master appears - this has been true for me…. As I am certain that it is for you!

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