Ayurvedic Face Care

Aroma Veda's Face Care collection has been carefully curated for all skin types. The skin is the largest organ in our body and Ayurveda has a sophisticated perspective on our skin's vitality and appearance giving importance to digestive health, emotion & mental wellness, our environment and the harmony between Doshas. When creating our Face Care range, we were also very clear about what we did not want to do. Usage of chemicals like parabens or "feel-good" products just did not resonate with us as that is not consistent with Ayurvedic thinking. Like all our products, the Face Care line uses the highest quality organic ingredients in combinations that have been confidently tested on friends and family. The gentleness of Ayurvedic formulations are here for you to experience. 

It is our belief that this range is just highly effective for your face care regimen while also being adorably gentle. As advised in Ayurvedic principles, we highly encourage our patrons to lovingly attend to lifestyle requirements like physical activity, meditation, optimal time in sunlight, optimal hydration, sun-protection and healthy eating habits to maximize the impact of our products. If you are new to Ayurveda, our travel bundles come at a great value for you to ease into the Aroma Veda experience!