Ayurvedic Men's Care

This collection has all the goodness of Ayurveda customized for men. Slow-crafted with time-tested organic ingredients to our precise formulation recipes, this range is a must have for men looking for effective, natural and organic skincare. Our busy lifestyles, stress, travel, diet, quality of sleep etc affect our health and show on our skin. Aroma Veda's Ayurvedic products for men are designed to rejuvenate men's skin, doshas and exude a sense of well being. 

For centuries, men have been using the healing, rejuvenating qualities of Sandalwood, Frankincense, Vetiver, Coconut oil etc in their skincare regiment. While keeping ingredients like these, we have also brought in the goodness of Neem, Turmeric for their anti-microbial effects for men leading the busy lifestyles of today.