Men's Face Bundle Travel Size

Men's Face Bundle Travel Size

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Experience our men's face bundle and use Aroma Veda's products while on the move. The Travel Bundle for men oozes potency and rejuvenation for many a trip. 


A wonderful everyday toner designed for men but can be used by anyone. Frankincense distillate along with neroli, rose and the essential oil of frankincense create a wonderful skin toning/tightening, anti-aging enriched blend to prep the skin for complete hydration. Spritz it on your face after a flight, after a long workout or day in the sun to refresh the skin. Follow up with our men's face serum for a complete moisturizing effect.

Face Serum
Consisting of sandalwood, neem, vetivert, myrrh, and frankincense is a rich intoxicating woodsy aroma with anti-ageing properties and healing benefits to replenish and moisturize mature, dry and tired-looking skin giving a more youthful glow. Apply a few drops of the serum daily after showering or shaving as a follow-up to our toner. 
Bundle Includes:
1 oz Toner
1 Dram Serum