VPK Ayurvedic Body Oils

"VPK" stands for Vata, Pitta and Kapha - the 3 "Doshas". Based on the 5 elements, we arrive at 3 primary patterns or biological forces known as doshas. Vata (space + air), Pitta (fire + water), Kapha (water + earth) coexist in all of us, Ayurveda focuses on harmonizing their balance within us for optimal health and life-state. 

Ayurvedic practices see elaborate usage of coconut and sesame seed oils for cooking as well as numerous topical applications. It's traditional massages like Shirodhara or Abhyanga use oils that are steeped in medicinal herbs for long periods of time, and treated with precision to maximize benefits for the user. Aside from massaging techniques themselves, the infusion of medicinal herbs and their absorption into the carrier oil (coconut or sesame') are on enormous importance to healing and rejuvenation.  

There is also an emphasis on balancing out the effects of the different herbs in the oils. E.g. herbs that soothe and heal are matched by others that are known to provide a cooling effect or aid in moisturizing the skin. Other ingredients may provide anti-microbial or deodorizing benefits while supporting overall healing. At the core of Ayurvedic principles lie the emphasis on harmony and this is not overlooked at the formulation stage for these oils.

Usage of oils represent the richest, most glorious traditions of Ayurveda, going back thousands of years into antiquity. At Aroma Veda we feel privileged to have received this knowledge. And we treasure this opportunity to share it with thousands in the United States that are looking for gentle healing and rejuvenation.    

Please don't hesitate to write to us at aromavedanyc@gmail.com if you would like to explore custom oils, or if you have additional questions based on the ingredients mentioned for the products. We are happy to help you in your journey of discovering as well as enjoying Ayurveda and it's ancient gifts for mankind.