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Plant-based medicine

There is power in plants, tremendous life force, and life intelligence that lies in these plants. They give us the power to protect, heal and prevent the onset of any disease or disharmony. You only have to discover it for yourself and be vigilant and disciplined enough to want to use their power to take care of everything. Every ailment, disease, imbalance, and disharmony can be healed through plant-based medicine. This is in the form of food, herbs/supplements, and aromatherapy. Nature never dies. Animals in nature are known to self prescribe and consume plants in their ecosystem to heal themselves - this even includes carnivores! Plants were here before us and will be here - way after us. Understanding the...

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The Doshas and their attributes

Ayurveda posits that there are 5 master elements that make up everything in existence both internally and externally. Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Space has to be there for anything to exist, air has the qualities of movement and change, fire represents heat - direct and transformational, water is cohesive and protective and earth is solid, grounded and stable.  From these 5 elements, we come to 3 primary patterns or biological forces that exist within us known as doshas. Vata (space + air), Pitta (fire + water), Kapha (water + earth). Each of these doshas have their own characteristics and each and every one of us has these elements within us in varying proportions. Understanding how these elements manifest within...

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